Rhys’s database for Grow Lightly Connect (www.growlightly.com.au) has made an amazing difference to our work. We can now keep relevant records on all our customers, on the weekly and fortnightly food bags being distributed to more than 78 families scattered over 8 pickup points.

We can track payments and communicate with all families by email and by mobile. The database is silky smooth in its usage, amazingly simple to understand and allows us to easily enter changes as needed.

Grow Lightly Connect management

Rhys has managed the entire administration of our IT systems (computers, servers, hardware, software). He has created and maintained highly effective IT systems and procedures throughout the organization.

Rhys has also been highly effective in setting up MS Access databases throughout the organization which have streamlined many of our in-house processes. He has also competently managed our email systems (MS Exchange).

Rhys has always been reliable, goes above the call of duty and is always keen to assist with solutions to problems.

Sue Richards - Office Manager, Moreland Energy Foundation

Rhys considerably improved the reliability and effectiveness of IT capacity at CERES during his time as the IT Coordinator over several years.

Rhys worked well both with management and end-users. He has a deep knowledge of diverse aspects of IT systems and potentials. He contributed creatively particularly in areas of hardware, software, and databases.

Rhys can quickly assess IT systems and identify inefficiencies and potentials for improvement. Rhys works well with management in determining their broad requirements of a system – and can likewise work with users to customize IT to their particular needs. Rhys has shown particular skill in finding low cost solutions – a valuable asset to many community organizations.

Noel Blencowe, Past Team Leader, CERES

Rhys is a highly skilled and capable individual in the areas of database design and computer network design and management.

He is also an excellent researcher, with in-depth knowledge in energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles, to name a few areas.

I highly commend him.

Brad Shone, Energy Advisor at Kildonan UnitingCare

Thank you for your audit… it is great information. You have given me lots that I hadn't considered.

Greg Dell, FreshZest